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Where to eat


Discover the Madrid cuisine

Cocido, Calamares, Patatas Bravas...

Spanish cuisine is worldwide famous… and Madrid is a great part of it. Is not just the 23 michelin stars restaurants but the thousands of little bars and restaurants with great tapas, tortilla or cocido. Let us make some suggestions!


  • Ponzano Street. Is not just a venue, is a street full of little restaurants and bars where you will find only people from Madrid. Go to places like Fide, La Contraseña o Sala de despiece. Ponzano Street area is around 300 to 400 mts with more than 20 restaurants and tapas bars.
  •  Doctor Castelo Street. Another street full of high quality tapas places like “Laredo“, “La Raquetista” or “La Castela“. You’ll see few foreigners around here. If the weather is good, a walk around the Retiro Park may be the best way to get there.
  • Casa Lucio. Madrilenian cuisine of the season in a castiza tavern famous for its broken eggs and notorious clientele that includes characters of cinema, music and the arts.


  • Mercado de San Miguel. The most famous market in the city with almost 10 millions of visitors every year. Quality with expensive prices and full of tourist but nice and special. Just besides Plaza Mayor.
  • Mercado de Maravillas. The largest municipal market in Europe with 200 stalls. Do not expect to find tourist here. Authentic and cheap.
  • Mercado de la Paz. In the exclusive Salamanca district you can find unique places like this one. Built in 1879, is one of the oldest of the city with a strong neighbourhood activity and prices.
  • Mercado de San Ildelfonso. More a hipster market than a traditional one, 20 stalls with music, art and a lively atmosphere.


  • La Bola. If there is a typical dish of Madrid is the ”cocido madrileño “, soup of noodles followed by a stew with chickpeas as the main ingredient. If there is a perfect and recommended place to take it, La bola is.
  • Taberna La Carmencita. The second oldest restaurant in the city and one of the most traditional. In a bullfighting atmosphere, quality food without any hint of modernity; a place that, without being exceptional, deserves the visit.
  • La Manduca de Azagra. Food from Navarre with top quality products magnificently prepared. First-class service in a modern and really pleasant space. Estimated between 30 € and 50 € per person.

Corral de la Morería.
Flamenco with a Michelin Star.

Is not the atmosphere. Is not the brilliant and authentic flamenco show -a real one-. Is not the Michelin star that the Chef David García deserve. You must think a visit like a full experience; from sho to cuisine and place. You will need to book in advance here.

Price from: 43,90 € menu + Show: 47,95 €

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