Madrid. Spain.
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Where to go

Discover basic Madrid and hidden places

From the healthy variety of museums, stunning palaces and mosques to an array of live entertainment and sporting events to wonderful restaurants serving up incredible local and international cuisine to shopping bazaars laden with wares of yesteryear and today, the whole of the city provide virtually an endless selection of enlightening, entertaining and fascinating points of interest.

Major Not-to-Miss Attractions

  • Prado museum. History of Spain concentrated. One of the most prestigious museums in the world that, with its renovation a few years ago, is simply spectacular both for its content and the quality of its spaces.
  • Thyssen Collection. The largest private art collection in the world; a donation by Baron Thyssen that traces the history of art with classics from the 12th to the 20th century. From Picasso to Gauguin, Van Gogh through Rembrandt or El Greco. Without a doubt, a must stop.
  • Museo Reina Sofía. The last corner of the Golden Triangle of Art; inaugurated on 1992, is dedicated to spanish modern art including main works from Dali and Picasso, including “Guernica, maybe the most important masterpiece of last century.
  • El Rastro. The second-hand market in Madrid; a mixture of junk, art, useless things, fashion and antiques in a bustling and unique space. Only on Sunday mornings (Metro La Latina).
  • Plaza Mayor. The heart of the city. Located in the Hapsburg area and built in XVII century, had hosted popular entertainments, bullfights, religious ceremonies, coronations and the occasional “auto de fe” .  
  • Plaza de Oriente and Royal Palace. Just 10 minutes from the apartment; a square that includes Royal Palace, Royal Theatre and Almudena Cathedral connected but traditional gardens and statues. Please, go in the sunset to feel all the energy.
  • Gran Vía. The commercial Madrid centre. The best example of early 20th-century revival architecture,  street is the home of the main brands like  Zara, Mango, H&M or  Primark and the main Musical theatres -the Madrid Broadway-. Take your time to walk and enjoy the activity in your way to Puerta del Sol and other areas. Just 7 minutes from apartments.  

Some hidden gems

  • Museo del romanticismo. Not only for the nice building or the incredible collection or see how people lived in the Romantic era during the 19th century. Just the incredible Café del Jardín (Garden Café),  inside deserves the visit.
  • Madrid Río. In the banks of Manzanares river, Madrid río is a park with a huge cultural offer, sports area and a zone where the city becomes real and authentic. Renta  bike and discover Matadero Cultural Centre or the roman and modern bridges that cross around.
  • Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. The second biggest museum of Spain; full of works from Goya and other romantics painters, not so many people visit it just the building deserve it. 
  • San Antonio de los Alemanes Church. Located just 5 minutes from apartments in Corredera Baja de San Pablo, the interior of the church is a perfect example of baroque illusionism, in which fresco painting joins the architecture and the sculptures of the altarpieces to create an effect of luxury, movement and color.

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